Supercharge Your Child's Growing Immune System!

Last updated March 06, 2023

Want to Give Your Kids the Best Defense Against Colds and Flu? Give Them Beta Glucan Kids!

Can a thousands-year-old substance really help supercharge your child’s growing immune system? You bet!

As a parent, keeping your child healthy and safe is priority number one. That is why you clicked on this article, after all!

But how can you do that in a chaotic, toxic world?

One of the best things you can do is provide your child with the right nutrients (and phytonutrients) to help their immune system be both strong and resilient. According to research, one of the best substances to help boost a child’s immune system is beta glucan.

Your Child’s Growing Immune System

Children differ from adults in a lot of ways. One big way is, unlike adults, the bodies of children and adolescents are still developing on all levels. It is easy to see this growth on the outside, but sometimes we forget that their internal organs and systems are developing too!

The still-forming immune system of a child also differs greatly from that of an adult. In a healthy adult, the immune system is made up of hundreds of basic as well as specific mechanisms and substances that work together synergistically to fight pathogens. The immune system of a young child, however, can be quite different.

According to physicians at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, when a healthy baby is born, he or she has all the basic “tools” to create an immune response to a threat. These basic tools come in the form of substances that make up the “non-specific” or “innate” immune system, such as macrophages and neutrophils. What an infant lacks, however, are direct interactions with pathogens that will help them develop “adaptive immunity.” (1)

A large component of a robust immune response is the ability to adapt to any threat. “Adaptive immunity” mainly develops in children. A growing child comes in contact with all kinds of new experiences as he or she navigates the world, and so does his or her immune system.

With each “antigenic experience,” a child develops antibodies and other immune substances to help fight infections, viruses, and other threats in the moment and into the future.

This system of learning and assimilation works amazingly as long as the stressors that a child encounters are not too great and as long as that child’s immune system is able to assimilate new information (such as a new viral threat) and then generate new immune system substances and mechanisms (such as specific B and T cells) in response.

As a parent, you have the ability to help your child’s “innate” and “adaptive” immune system mechanisms be the strongest they can be. You can do this by providing the right nutrition, the right opportunities for both mental and physical exercise, and the right love, care, and nurturing for your child’s vibrant growth.

In addition, you can also make wise choices based on sound research regarding supplementation and other tools to protect your child and his or her still-developing immune system in the face of a highly toxic and stressful world. A key component in your child’s immune system arsenal can be beta glucan!

What is Beta Glucan?

Why beta glucan? According to recent research, beta glucan can work specifically with your child’s immune system to boost its resilience and efficiency on all levels, and with no known side effects to boot. This means that beta glucan can help your child’s immune system fight infection and other pathogenic threats at the time these threats are occurring. At the same time, it can also help your child’s still-developing immune system grow strong so that it can adapt to new incoming threats.

So exactly what is beta glucan?

Beta glucan is a polysaccharide substance that is found on the outside of the cell walls of yeasts and some grains. When it is ingested, it has the ability to go straight into the bloodstream via “Peyer’s Patches” in the gut lining. Once in the bloodstream, beta glucan makes a beeline to the immune system, where it rapidly gives direct support to immune mechanisms, placing them on “high alert” and leveling-up immune system substances such as T cells, monocytes, and immunoglobulin levels. (2)

One study on the effectiveness of beta glucan for immune health found that it had the ability to assist the immune system in significantly fighting not only infections and viruses, but also harmful bacteria like Staphylococcus. (3)

Another investigation conducted in part by researchers at Texas Tech University found that “yeast-derived” beta glucan has the ability to rebalance and enhance immune functions related to inflammation. (4)

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Beta Glucan: The Research Says It All

That is all great, you may say, but what about the health benefits of beta glucan for children?

The studies have that covered as well. There are literally dozens of articles that connect beta glucan consumption to better resistance to infection, viruses, and more. Amongst this literature is a growing body of evidence to support the fact that beta glucan can do the same for children, with no known side effects.

One of the first investigations to show significant immune boosting for children was a random, controlled trial conducted by researchers at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. In 2013, the team measured antibody production in children ages 8-12 who had a history of chronic respiratory infections. After 30 days of supplementation with 100 mg/day yeast-derived glucan, mucosal antibody levels rose significantly across the board in comparison to the control group. (5)

Another joint US-China study published in the May 2014 issue of the medical journal Pediatrics focused on immune health in 3- and 4-year-olds. In this random, controlled trial, toddlers were fed a “follow-up formula” (FUF) that contained primarily beta glucan. The end result was pretty remarkable. Those who took the beta glucan missed less time in daycare due to illness.

Did you know that according to 2021 U.S. Centers for Disease Control National Center for Health Statistics data, close to 5% of all American school-age children miss 11 or more days of school because of illness? (6) That number climbs to about 6 % for 12 to 17-year-olds. (7) The researchers of the Pediatrics study also found that not only did beta glucan help boost the immune system, it also helped lower episodes of acute respiratory infection in particular and also had an overall anti-inflammatory effect. (8)

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Beta Glucan Helps Defend and Detox

Another area of great concern for parents is ongoing exposure to toxins. Even if you do all the “necessary things” to safeguard your children from them, exposure to toxins on some level is almost guaranteed in today’s toxic world.

In fact, according to a study conducted by researchers at George Washington University, by the time a baby is born, he or she will already have dozens of toxins accumulated within his or her body. (9) As babies grow and develop into children, they continue to come into contact with hundreds of other harmful substances such as PFAS and PFC compounds, heavy metals, halide substances like fluoride and chlorine, airborne and food-borne mold substances, xenoestrogens and other hormonal imbalancing substances, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and more. (10)

Did you know that approximately 1,500 new chemicals are introduced into the market each year? Many of these harmful substances go into the household, food, and sundry products that you and your family may be using every day. In fact, according to statistics from over ten years ago, there were approximately 80,000 different chemical substances listed by the U.S. EPA. (11) To date, only a handful of them have been banned for use by government agencies.

Your child’s body probably does a great job of flushing out a large percentage of the toxins that may come their way. It won’t be able to get to everything, however. Over time, what’s left over can lay the foundation for serious problems into adulthood.

The “miracle” of beta glucan when it comes to detoxification, just like with immunity, lies in how it can lend support to the gut, liver, kidneys, and other organs of detoxification and elimination. One in vivo study conducted by researchers in Turkey found that beta glucans’ antioxidant and “phagocytic” effects were able to help reduce damage to the liver and ease symptoms of jaundice. (12)

Another investigation conducted in 2014 in the Czech Republic focused on children who had chronic respiratory illness because of secondhand (passive) smoke. According to the researchers, children who consumed 100 mg of beta glucan for 30 days had significantly fewer clinical problems and also had increased physical endurance overall. (13)

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Vitamin D and Selenium in Beta Glucan Kids: For Your Child’s Complete Immune Strength

Beta Glucan Kids is an amazing formula that gives your child 50 mg of beta glucan per serving for immune boosting on all levels. In addition, Beta Glucan Kids also contains healthy doses of Vitamin D and Selenium.

Why vitamin D and selenium? Here’s why:

First, let’s take a look at vitamin D. Sadly (and shockingly), roughly one in 10 children in the United States are deficient in D. In addition, according to an urgent letter to pediatricians put out by John Hopkins University, about 60 percent of all U.S. children “may have suboptimal levels of vitamin D.” (14)

This is really bad news, and not just because vitamin D is essential for the development of healthy bones. Vitamin D is technically considered a “steroid hormone” and, as such, has the ability to affect over 200 genes in the body. (15) It is an essential nutrient not just for calcium absorption but also for heart, hormonal, brain, and immune system health, as well as for overall healthy cell function.

Skeletal deformities, brittle bones, heart complications, seizures, and more are all extreme signs of childhood vitamin D deficiency. What’s more, Vitamin D deficiency in childhood can set the stage for serious ill health and chronic disease into adulthood.

According to a 2021 investigation conducted at the University of Torino in Italy, when combined together, beta glucan and vitamin D created a synergistic effect that increased macrophage activity in particular (macrophages are a type of white blood cell whose main job is to “engulf” foreign substances) (16).

Now let’s talk about selenium. This is a trace mineral that is found naturally in soil, water, and many kinds of food, such as nuts and seafood. Although its benefits are not as widely known as vitamin D, it too is essential for a healthy, growing body. It is a vital nutrient for the absorption of many other vitamins and minerals, especially those that play key roles in metabolism.

It has also been shown to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. In addition, strong evidence suggests that selenium can significantly help in boosting immunity to fight off viruses. (17) Some studies, such as 2014 in vitro study conducted at the University of São Paulo in Brazil, have also shown that beta glucan in combination with selenium may help catalyze strong immune mechanisms specifically related to cancer prevention and healing. (18)

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Beta Glucan Kids: No Artificial Anything, Just Solid Support for Your Child’s Immune System

Beta Glucan Kids brings out the child in all of us. It's a great thing to “think like a kid!” To us, that means being transparent and honest in everything we do, including what we put in each one of our gummies. Beta Glucan Kids combines beta glucan with Vitamin D3 (the most absorbable and effective kind of D) and Selenium. This combo ensures that all the “right ingredients” are present to give your child’s immune system the start it needs for a lifetime of vibrant health.

We are also committed to providing a product that contains absolutely no fillers or artificial anything. Beta Glucan Kids Gummies are Non-GMO, lactose, and gluten-free, and contain no added preservatives or sugar. Don’t worry … We make them taste great by using all-natural sweeteners.

Simply put, if your child’s immune system is not functioning at its best, the rest of his or her developing body will struggle as well. The immune system is literally your child’s “first line of defense” in this chaotic, toxin-filled world.

We at Better Way Health are on a mission to create healthier kids and happier families. And we strive to do that one immune system at a time!

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Better Way Health Beta Glucan vs Yestimun®

Those who took beta glucan missed less time in daycare due to illness.


For more information about beta glucan, Better Way Health and more, visit our FAQ page. To speak to an Amazing Customer Experience Specialist, give us a call at 800.746.7640or email us at

The active ingredients in Beta Glucan Kids are Beta Glucan (50mg), Selenium (15 mcg), and Vitamin D3 (10 mcg or 400 IU). The reason these three ingredients were included is due to the number of studies confirming the synergistic effect on the immune system. The majority of the additional immune response comes from Beta Glucan, however Selenium, and Vitamin D3 are two essential micronutrients, which add an extra “bump” according to the research.

Full Ingredients List: Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol, Selenium, Beta Glucan (from Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Xylitol (Sweetener), Purified water, Sunflower oil (Bulking agent), Sorbitol (Sweetener), Bovine Gelatin (Gelling agent), Erythritol (Sweetener), Trisodium citrate (Acidity regulator), Malic acid (Antioxidant), Tutti Frutti Natural flavoring (Flavoring), Stevia (Sweetener), Paprika extract (Color), Vegetable oil (Trace Lubrication oil), Medium Chain Triglycerides (Anti-foaming agent)

Children face challenges to their immune systems at a very young age. We recommend kids begin taking this product at age 2. Parents' discretion is important in this matter, but as soon as children are capable of eating solid food they should be able to eat or swallow the Beta Glucan Kids.

Loads of research has been conducted on each of the ingredients in this product. There are actually nine double-blinded placebo randomized studies on children. Numerous researchers at various universities and teaching hospitals continue to study the implications of these ingredients in the Beta Glucan Kids product. The results are all very positive when it comes to children’s health.

Taking one per day is sufficient for children age 2-7. From ages 8-11 children should take two per day. As children get older and gain weight they can eat more gummies. In cases where there is a significant challenge on the immune system additional gummies can be taken as well. Remember, this product is extremely safe even when consumed in high dosages.

The levels of ingredients in the Beta Glucan Kids product are extremely safe. The only potential issue is if a child consumes an entire package at one time and continues to do so for months on end. Obviously, this is not a realistic situation, which shows the true safety of the Beta Glucan Kids product. Parents, it is still best to monitor the amount of Beta Glucan Kids your child consumes daily. We certainly recommend using the product as directed.

Our Beta Glucan Kids does not contain nor is it manufactured with yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, milk, egg, fish, or shellfish ingredients and is held to strict EU and Global Organization for EPA and DHA Standards. However, it is produced in a facility that processes fish oil.

*The Vegetable oil (Trace lubrication oil) in Beta Glucan Kids is rapeseed oil (Brassica Campestris), which helps with getting the gummy out of the blister pack.

Yes, if there is a situation where the child’s immune system is actively being suppressed it is more than safe to take more than one gummy in order to increase your child’s immune response.

The appropriate amounts of both Selenium and D3 were included in the Beta Glucan Kids product based on the research conducted. These amounts provide an additional amount of immune support in conjunction with the Beta Glucan. If you think your child needs more we recommend consulting with your medical professional.

This is not a Certified Organic product, but there are no genetically modified organisms involved. The ingredients and the final product have gone through rigorous testing to assure both safety and efficacy.

Yes, none of the ingredients or materials used in this product have been genetically modified in any way.

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