Health Revenue Trends and Its Impact on Your Wellbeing

Last updated March 14, 2024

The global wellness economy hit a market value of $5.6 trillion in 2022, with an 8.6% annual growth rate projected for the next five years.

In addition to health and wellness, the physical activity sector has surged to an estimated $976 billion market share.

Fitness clubs, health clubs, beauty spas and fitness classes have boomed over the last 5 years.

Does this mean that people are starting to realize the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle?

Getting to The Data

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy reached $5.6 trillion in 2022, with a notable rebound and strong recovery from the pandemic (1).

Bloomberg conducted an additional study on the same data provided by the Global Wellness Institute and came up with the following data points:

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the wellness industry could be worth $8.5 trillion (57% growth) by the year 2027.

Wellness Growth Rate by Sector

Data taken from  2022 - 2027

  • Global Wellness Economy: Reached $5.6 trillion in 2022, with an 8.6% annual growth projected for the next five years. (2)
  • Mental Wellness Market: Grew from $130 billion in 2019 to $181 billion in 2022. The U.S. is the largest market. (3)
  • Wellness Tourism: Fell to $351 billion in 2020 from $720 billion in 2019, then rebounded to $651 billion in 2022, with a forecast of $1.4 trillion by 2027. (3)
  • Physical Activity Sector: Recovered to $976 billion in 2022 from a pandemic low, with North America as the largest market. (3)

Human and Technological Advancements:

The evolution of biohacking the body has taken the world by storm.

By definition, biohacking is the combination of science and biology to optimize physical health with DIY experiments designed to enhance your quality of life.

It involves making small lifestyle changes and tracking these changes to improve performance. Common biohacking examples include diet changes, sleep optimization, exercise routines, and mindfulness.

Modern-day biohackers incorporate digital technology such as wearable devices, GPS trackers, and home blood testing kits to customize their health journey to their personal needs.

Innovations in technology haven't merely pushed the envelope; they've utterly transformed our fitness routines from the ground up.

From wearables tracking every heartbeat to apps that bring personal trainers into our living rooms, the digital transformation has made fitness accessible like never before.

Deep dive: beginners guide to biohacking

Impacts On Our Immunity

This data is interesting, but what is the bottom line? We need to actively take steps to enhance our overall health by making good lifestyle choices.

To enjoy a longer, happier life with our families, there are steps that you and I can take right now, starting with our immune system.

The Importance of Your Immune System

The immune system acts as the first line of defense against harmful germs and pathogens.

It is an intricate web of cells, tissues, organs, and the substances they make to help the body fight off sickness and illness. It can detect foreign (harmful) substances and respond by fighting them off.

A healthy immune system can also promote healing in the body and fight off sickness more effectively. (4)

There are two major parts of the immune system:

  1. Innate Immune System: This is what we are born with.
  2. Adaptive Immune System: This will develop and improve as a result of exposure to various chemicals released by microbes. (5)

How Does The Immune System Work?

A healthy immune system can help: (6)

  • Identify differences between your cells and foreign cells
  • Fight off and mobilize harmful germs
  • Build antibodies to defend against germs you have had before
  • Releases antibodies to combat future germs

Common Causes of Immune System Problems

Every individual is different; however, problems with immunity can often arise from continual stress, excessive usage of alcohol and smoking, lack of sleep, pollution in the environment, an unhealthy diet, as well as excessive usage of antibiotics.

The aftermath often results in decreased blood cell counts, wounds that take a long time to heal, and getting sick more frequently.

The truth is, building your immune system does not need to be as hard as it sounds.

Essential reading: When should you increase your immune system?

Practical Ways to Boost the Immune System

1: Lower Your Intake of Sugar

Limit sugary meals like cookies, pastries, ice cream, candy, and sugary drinks, as well as basic carbohydrates like spaghetti, white rice, and bread.

Too much sugar disrupts the gut microbiome, affecting immunity and gut health. (7) 

Furthermore, consuming roughly 75 grams of sugar can weaken immunity and lower the immune system for roughly 5 hours after intake! (8)

2: Eat a Healthy Diet

For optimal cell activity, the body needs appropriate nutrients. For pathogen defense and inflammation suppression, the body needs a strong immune system response.

Try to include a balanced diet consistently that includes loads of vegetables, whole grains, kimchi and fermented foods, which are rich in prebiotics.

3: Incorporate Immune Boosters

In a world saturated with vitamins and supplements, it can be hard to know which supplements will give you what your body really needs.

The key is to use a supplement that is natural, trusted and has solid medical research to back it up. Beta glucan is a natural polysaccharide that has the ability to enhance (update) the immune system to work as efficiently as possible. (9)

This happens as a direct result of the glucan stimulating the immune cells.

Beta glucan turns on the immune cells to "high alert" so they can fight off pathogens that the body doesn't recognize as its own.

A healthier immune system gives your body the extra strength to fight off illness, heal wounds faster and stay healthier for longer.

There are currently over 207,000 medical studies on beta glucan that are published on and over 50 years of dedicated research have been conducted on this amazing molecule.

It's important to know that even though glucan is found in many foods, our bodies can only absorb a very small amount of it directly from food.

Due to the fact that glucan helps cells become more rigid, it is hard to separate it during its short stay in the digestive system. Using a high-quality daily supplement of beta glucan is a far better choice.


The ever-changing world of health and fitness has thrown us some serious curveballs over the last decade, but also a whole lot of opportunities.

If anything's clear, it's that revenue trends in health and fitness are more than just numbers on a spreadsheet; they're reflections of our collective journey toward wellness.

The point is: we need to follow the trends and take action to stay healthy and make wise life choices to support our immune system.

Learn more about beta glucan today.

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