Vitamin D3 Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Vitamin D3 has been well known for its ability to support healthy bones. Not only does it help in that area, but recent studies shows Vitamin D3 helps with calcium absorption, cardiovascular health, blood pressure, glucose regulation, and immune support.

When people are deficient in Vitamin D there is great risk for numerous illnesses and diseases. It is absolutely essential for everyone to receive adequate amounts of Vitamin D regularly. However, most people do not receive proper amounts of sunlight consistently. Therefore, supplementation is typically necessary in many cases.

There is a great deal of discussion on whether or not a person needs to take Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D3. In fact, there are many claims that K2 is necessary for the absorption of D3. There really isn't a solid peer-reviewed study showing the need/benefit of taking K2 in the same supplement as D3. Most individuals get plenty of K2 in their diets and supplementation is mostly unnecessary. Additionally, research (Consumer Labs) indicates K2 should be taken at a separate time during the day (at least 3 hours apart), rather than in the same capsule or softgel with D3. We have opted to offer a high-quality, absorbable Vitamin D3 on its own, allowing our customers to choose whether or not they want to add Vitamin K2.

There's a lot of conflicting information about the amount of Vitamin D3 someone should take. As it pertains to our Vitamin D3, we recommend following the Suggested Usage instructions on the bottle, which is one 5,000 IU Softgel every day. However, some people may need more depending on your levels, which is why having your Vitamin D3 levels tested and consulting with a medical professional is extremely important.

There are many Vitamin D3 products on the market, however many are genetically modified (GMO) and/or synthetically made, contain soy, and are not manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facilities.Our Vitamin D3 is made with the highest quality ingredients and based in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (unlike most D3's which are based in a highly allergenic GMO corn or Soy Oil. It is also GMP Certified, Non-GMO, Soy Free, Kosher, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, and Dairy Free.

The recommended dosage of our 5,000 I.U. Vitamin D3, is one Softgel every day for adults. Due to the high potency of our Vitamin D3, we recommend that you consult with your medical professional before giving to your children.

Our Vitamin D3 is recommended for human consumption only.

These are all forms of Vitamin D.

Cholecalciferol and calcifediol are both forms of Vitamin D3, and ergocalciferol is Vitamin D2.
Studies show Vitamin D3 overall, to be the most effective at raising the levels of Vitamin D in the body.

While both cholecalciferol and calcifediol are a version of Vitamin D3, the cholecalciferol is shown to be the most effective in general, with a few exceptions in specific health conditions. In those conditions, a doctor may prescribe calcifediol. Calcifediol is not a supplement, it's actually a drug and is not available over the counter or in supplement form.

Anyone looking to increase their Vitamin D3 levels will receive great benefits by getting adequate exposure to sunlight each day. If this is not a consistent option, taking our Vitamin D3 from cholecalciferol, is a simple way to increase D3 levels in your body, which is proven to be highly absorbable and effective.

If you are pregnant or nursing, we recommend consulting with your health care professional before use, as a precautionary measure.

Vitamin D3 should be stored at room temperature, in a cool dry place. Preferably in a medicine cabinet or pantry. However, it is perfectly fine to store them in the freezer or refrigerator.If Vitamin D3 is traveling through extreme temperatures, the quality/potency will not be degraded in any way. However, if the package sits outside for days in extreme heat and the softgels melt together, this would obviously cause problems with consuming the individual softgels. For this reason, among others, we highly recommend following along with your tracking information provided with each order, to know exactly when your products will arrive.


Our cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) is safely manufactured from the wool wax of live sheep. No animals are harmed in this process.

The lanolin from which our Vitamin D3 is sourced, goes through irradiation with safe natural UV-light the same way sunlight hits a person's skin. This process mimics the same way in which our skin makes Vitamin D.

There are NO harmful radioactive processes involved, nor allowed.

The olive oil and safflower oil used for our Vitamin D3 is sourced from a variety of different countries throughout the Mediterranean region. It is cold-pressed without the use of solvents or other chemicals. This is pure extra virgin olive oil from first-pressing with no additives, preservatives, or artificial processing aids.

Our Vitamin D3 is extremely concentrated in its pure form. Safflower oil helps provide adequate dilution to a manageable and safe level.

Safflower oil represents ~3% of the 5,000 IU softgel and is Non-GMO and a High Oleic Acid type, very similar in composition to olive oil, and helps with absorption and oxidation resistance. This material is used in concert with a more significant portion of olive oil to produce our Vitamin D3 product.

The source of glycerin in our Vitamin D3 includes coconut oil, palm oil, and grapeseed oil.

Gelatin is an animal protein used to make capsules, which can deliver measured amounts of product. Our Softgel capsules are typically derived solely from beef gelatin. Bovine sources must be BSE/TSE free. The gelatin is generally sourced from North America, but in some cases may also be sourced from Southeast or East Asia (primarily Thailand, Indonesia, or Japan) or South America (primarily Colombia).

Our Vitamin D3 is Kosher Certified by Triangle K. Triangle K is a Kosher Certification agency whose symbol signifies kashrut, or the strictest of Jewish dietary laws.

Our Vitamin D3 is manufactured and produced in Illinois, USA.

Our Vitamin D3 does not contain nor is it manufactured with yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, milk, egg, fish, or shellfish ingredients. However, it is produced in a GMP facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens.

IU stands for International Units, an internationally accepted method of quantifying the biological effect you can expect from a dose of fat-soluble vitamins. You can convert between mg or other metric units and IU, but each form of a given vitamin will have its own conversion factor.For Vitamin D3, the conversion rate is 40 IU/mcg. For example if you have 5000 IU of Vitamin D3, divide by the conversion rate to find the equivalent in mcg: 5000 IU ÷ 40 IU/mcg = 125 mcg

Our Vitamin D3 has a 4-year shelf life.

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