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Frequently Asked Questions

Children face challenges to their immune systems at a very young age. We recommend kids begin taking this product at age 2. Parents' discretion is important in this matter, but as soon as children are capable of eating solid food they should be able to eat or swallow the Beta Glucan Kids.

Beta Glucan Kids should be stored at room temperature, in a cool dry place. Preferably in a medicine cabinet or pantry. However, it is perfectly fine to store them in the freezer or refrigerator.

If Beta Glucan Kids is traveling through extreme temperatures, the quality/potency will not be degraded in any way. In fact, the packaging for Beta Glucan Kids was intentionally designed in blister packs, so the gummies would not mold together. In extreme heat, the gummies may liquify, but once they cool down, the gummies will reform inside their individual compartments, and not lose any potency or benefits!

The Beta Glucan Kids product has a two-year shelf life so you can expect the expiration date to be anywhere from 12-18 months after you receive your package.

This is not a Certified Organic product, but there are no genetically modified organisms involved. The ingredients and the final product have gone through rigorous testing to assure both safety and efficacy.

Yes, none of the ingredients or materials used in this product have been genetically modified in any way.

Our thoughtful packaging is made from sustainable material which is designed to effectively protect nutrients from oxidation. Cartons that house the aluminum blister packs are made from recycled material. The blister packs individually seal each gummy, protecting each dose from humidity, light, and air oxidation with no exposure to the elements until ready to be consumed. Lightweight and convenient, our packaging is conducive to an active lifestyle.


The active ingredients in Beta Glucan Kids are Beta Glucan (50mg), Selenium (15 mcg), and Vitamin D3 (10 mcg or 400 IU). The reason these three ingredients were included is due to the number of studies confirming the synergistic effect on the immune system. The majority of the additional immune response comes from Beta Glucan, however Selenium, and Vitamin D3 are two essential micronutrients, which add an extra “bump” according to the research.

Full Ingredients List: Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol, Selenium, Beta Glucan (from Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Xylitol (Sweetener), Purified water, Sunflower oil (Bulking agent), Sorbitol (Sweetener), Bovine Gelatin (Gelling agent), Erythritol (Sweetener), Trisodium citrate (Acidity regulator), Malic acid (Antioxidant), Tutti Frutti Natural flavoring (Flavoring), Stevia (Sweetener), Paprika extract (Color), Vegetable oil (Trace Lubrication oil), Medium Chain Triglycerides (Anti-foaming agent)

Our Beta Glucan Kids does not contain nor is it manufactured with yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, milk, egg, fish, or shellfish ingredients and is held to strict EU and Global Organization for EPA and DHA Standards. However, it is produced in a facility that processes fish oil.

*The Vegetable oil (Trace lubrication oil) in Beta Glucan Kids is rapeseed oil (Brassica Campestris), which helps with getting the gummy out of the blister pack.

Bovine gelatin is a safe stabilizer, thickener, and texturizer used to give Beta Glucan Kids its gummy/chewable texture. This also helps hold the active ingredients Beta Glucan, Selenium, and Vitamin D3 together.

Tutti Frutti is an all-natural proprietary flavoring used to enhance the taste of the Beta Glucan Kids product. This gives the gummy the delicious orange flavor while not slowing down any of the benefits of Beta Glucan, Selenium, and Vitamin D3.

Xylitol is a safe and natural sweetener that actually aids in good dental health and does not agitate blood sugar levels. Xylitol is Non-GMO and natural unlike many other artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Saccharin’s, etc.

Benefits of Beta Glucan Kids

Yes, children can certainly benefit from taking Beta Glucan. Keep in mind that a child’s immune system is still developing up until about 2 years of age. They typically do not benefit from supplementation until after the 2-year mark. However, Beta Glucan is safe for children at any age. Our Beta Glucan Kids product is specifically designed for children. Each delicious, gummy contains 50mg of Beta Glucan, 15mcg of Selenium, and 400 IU of Vitamin D3 providing the extra immune support your child needs.

Loads of research has been conducted on each of the ingredients in this product. There are actually nine double-blinded placebo randomized studies on children. Numerous researchers at various universities and teaching hospitals continue to study the implications of these ingredients in the Beta Glucan Kids product. The results are all very positive when it comes to children’s health.

No, these micronutrients are not specifically immune stimulants, but they do help the immune system perform optimally when combined with Beta Glucan.

Selenium is beneficial because of it’s immune enhancing capabilities, heart health support, and antioxidant properties. There have been many substances tested alongside Beta Glucan and Selenium is one that shows tremendous synergistic effects as it pertains to a safe and effective immune response. It is an essential micronutrient that most children in developed countries are deficient in.

Safety of Beta Glucan Kids

If a child is under the age of 2, they can still receive great benefits from Beta Glucan Kids. While the ingredients are safe, parents need to determine whether or not the child can safely swallow the gummy, which can be broken down into smaller pieces, if necessary.

The packaging was intentionally made to make it difficult for young children to access. All gummies are individually divided and sealed on a single tray. Pressure has to be applied to the back of the gummies in order to pop it out. With enough effort, children can get into them, but it is somewhat challenging for them to do so.

The levels of ingredients in the Beta Glucan Kids product are extremely safe. The only potential issue is if a child consumes an entire package at one time and continues to do so for months on end. Obviously, this is not a realistic situation, which shows the true safety of the Beta Glucan Kids product. Parents, it is still best to monitor the amount of Beta Glucan Kids your child consumes daily. We certainly recommend using the product as directed.

No, Beta Glucan Kids gummies are not for pets or animals. The xylitol sweetener can be toxic to animals if ingested.

Dosage for Beta Glucan Kids

Taking one per day is sufficient for children age 2-7. From ages 8-11 children should take two per day. As children get older and gain weight they can eat more gummies. In cases where there is a significant challenge on the immune system additional gummies can be taken as well. Remember, this product is extremely safe even when consumed in high dosages.

Yes, if there is a situation where the child’s immune system is actively being suppressed it is more than safe to take more than one gummy in order to increase your child’s immune response.

The appropriate amounts of both Selenium and D3 were included in the Beta Glucan Kids product based on the research conducted. These amounts provide an additional amount of immune support in conjunction with the Beta Glucan. If you think your child needs more we recommend consulting with your medical professional.

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