Better Way Health Beta Glucan vs Maitake Gold 404®

This Immune System Supplement comparison study was published in the peer-reviewed* medical journal Open Glycoscience in 2010. The study tested many of the best known products in order to see which ones are the most effective. This study, β 1,3-Glucan: Silver Bullet or Hot Air? consisted of several different assays (i.e., tests) measuring the effectiveness that each product had on varying Immune System Cells.

This particular study was conducted by an immunologist from the University of Louisville named Vaclav Vetvicka, Ph.D. The results below show the comparison data of Maitake Gold 404® manufactured by Innophos (Nutragenesis) compared to Beta Glucan by Better Way Health.

*It is important to note that the peer-review process ensures that the Scientists, PhDs, and MDs facilitating this research have no bias toward specific brands, variations, or the companies involved. Their sole purpose is to analyze the material in question and to discover how these products impact the immune system, rather than what the companies that manufacture them claim they are doing.

Better Way Health Beta GlucanMaitake Gold 404®
Company Name:Better Way HealthInnophos (Nutragenesis)
Company Location:Kennesaw, GABattleboro, VT
Website URL:
Primary Ingredient:Beta Glucan 100Patented Extract Derived From Maitake Mushroom (Grifola Frondosa)
Additional Ingredients:Vegetarian CapsulesVegetable Glycerine, Purified Water
Source:Baker's YeastMushroom
Recommended Dosage:Take two capsules daily. We recommend taking the capsules on an empty stomach, then wait 30 minutes before eating or as directed by a healthcare professional.Shake well before using. As a dietary supplement take 4 drops twice a day.
Total Quantity:60 Vegi-Caps30ml of Drops
Type:Vegi CapsDrops
Number of Scientific Journals Published:20+3
Neutrophil Percent Phagocytosis 400mcg Dose
Neutrophil Percent Phagocytosis 800mcg Dose
Cellular Secretion of IL-2
Antibody Formation
343.9% of Control211.7% of Control
Cellular Nitrite Oxide Production
7.87 4.11
Cellular Superoxide Anion Production
1.69 1.38
Comparison Results
#1 Over All when Tested against 90+ Immune System Products in Peer-Reviewed, Medical JournalsOur Beta Glucan is 16x More effective than Innophos (Nutragenesis) Maitake Gold 404®


Accolades or Certifications:Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 100% Natural, GMP Certified, FDA GRAS CertifiedN/A
Side Effects or Allergens:No Known Side Effects or AllergensDo not use if allergic to mushrooms
Guarantee or Warranty:60-Day, 100% Money Back GuaranteeAll Sales Final, No Returns
Shelf Life:5-Year Shelf LifeNot Disclosed
How Much More Effective?Beta Glucan by Better Way Health was tested against Innophos (Nutragenesis) Maitake Gold 404®. Our Beta Glucan was found to be 16x More Effective in the 2010 Study titled "β 1,3-Glucan: Silver Bullet or Hot Air?"; the Peer-Reviewed Research is Published in the journal "Open Glycoscience." Tests were led by Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, Ph.D. from the University of Louisville.

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