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Beta Glucan 500mg Bottle

“Should I Be Taking Beta Glucan?"

With more cells than any other organelle group, the Immune System is designed to defend every other cell in the body against Foreign Pathogens; or, any substance not declared as “self.” Composed of trillions of white blood cells, it is up to our Immune System to Recognize, Process, and Eliminate all intruders. Unfortunately, the harmonious nature of our immunity can be easily disturbed.
Everything from High-Fructose Corn Syrup and Non-stick Cookware, to the practices of Modern Dentistry; our environment has become littered with Immunosuppressives like Mercury, Toxins, & Carcinogens.

If you choose to ignore these endangerments, you take your chances on how your impaired immune level might, should, or could be functioning.

With Beta Glucan, you can literally choose how efficient you want your Immune System to be each day, varying on dosage. Regardless of your diet, exercise, rest, and beliefs, this material will cause your immune response to be More Effective and More Universally Beneficial to you than any and everything else we can do
(A.J. Lanigan, CancerTruth Chronicles 2012).

Anyone can benefit from a properly functioning Immune System; our Beta Glucan has been found to provoke Immune Cells to respond More, Better, Faster than ever before.

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“What our Customers are Saying”

  • Amazing Grass Product


    Itasca, IL

    "Thank You, I love your products... Keep up the good work."
  • Barlean's Flax Oil


    Charlotte, NC

    "I have been following the budwig diet for over a year. It is amazing how great I feel and how much more energy I have. I will make my flax oil and cottage cheese with fruit smoothie every morning for the rest of my life"
  • Beta Glucan Review


    Wythevile, Va

    "I feel like the Beta Glucan has helped keep my immunity up while I have been going through Chemo. My oncologist even mentioned that they were studying the Beta Glucan for that purpose. I have had 2 treatments and my white blood count hasn't gone too low."

"How Safe is Tap Water?"

If you are suffering from Asthma, Anemia, Impotence, Parkinson’s, or even Diabetes, the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWRs) may be to blame. Presently, Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) permit Microorganisms, Disinfectants, Chemicals, and Radionuclides into our bodies. As we quench our daily thirst, we are repeatedly exposed to these commonly found pathogens: Cryptosporidium, Giardia Lamblia, Legionella, Turbitidy, and Arsenic. These Pathogens have been shown to provoke Degenerative Disease, Gastrointestinal Illness, Pneumonia, Vomiting, High Cholesterol, Low Blood Sugar, Migraines, and Accelerated Aging.

Our bodies were not created to endure the impurities plaguing our Tap Water. Ingesting an EPA regulated beverage may actually be a counterproductive effort; the molecular formation of Tap Water is Inefficient and Energy Consuming. For this reason, the water is not suitably absorbed, leaving us thirsty, tired, and filled with toxic waste.

Do You Think This Contaminated Substance Has the Ability to Quench Your Thirst?

Fortunately, There is Hope, to Rid Our Bodies of this Tainted Tap Water,
We Must Ionize!

Through a process called Electrodialysis, the minerals in Everyday Tap Water become ionized: this refers to a molecule gaining or losing an electron by an Alkaline Water Ionizer. The ionized (alkaline) output becomes a newly formed solution, perfect for fully nourishing and replenishing human cells. The substantial benefits of using this restructured alkaline water have been linked to the reversal of urea stones, severe acne, arthritis, nausea, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, osteoporosis, and other common afflictions.

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