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We have chosen to partner with Bright Hope to support their efforts in Zambia due to the alignment of values and missions between the two organizations.

Bright Hope's comprehensive programs in Zambia, focused on empowering the extreme poor (those living on less than $2 per day) through various initiatives such as medical care, clean water, education, and microenterprise, resonate deeply with our team.

Zambia faces significant challenges, particularly in healthcare, clean water access, and education, making it imperative to support initiatives that address these issues.

Bright Hope's approach, which involves partnering with local churches to provide sustainable solutions and empower communities, reflects our belief in the power of community and collaboration to bring about lasting change in Jesus’ name.
helping communities and giving

Help stop the cycle of suffering

Help support Bright Hope’s initiatives in Zambia that provide Hope for Today, Hope for Tomorrow, and Hope for Eternity.

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    Hope for Today

    • Care for orphans and vulnerable children
    • Clean water
    • School feeding program
    • Medical care
    • Strengthen families
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    Hope for Tomorrow

    • Microfinance & job training
    • Education
    • Agricultural practices
Animal rearing
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    Hope for Eternity

    • Resourcing church ministries
    • Church leadership development
    • Evangelism & discipleship support

I want you to desire the best gifts.
So I will show you a much better way.

1 Corinthians 12:31 (CEV)

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