Beta Glucan is better than Vitamin C for Immune Health

Study Proves Beta Glucan Outperforms Vitamin C

In a University of Louisville published study, Comparison of Immunological Properties of Various Bioactive Combinations - Part II, key markers were measured showing each product's immune function performance. Included were natural killer cell production, antibody formation, and phagocytosis of neutrophils, among others. Vitamin C significantly underperformed compared to Better Way Health Beta Glucan 100.

Based on the results, Better Way Health Beta Glucan is 160x more effective than the leading Vitamin C supplement.

If you are looking for a true immune system booster — why waste your time & money elsewhere?!

What is Beta Glucan?

Beta glucan has been around for decades but is now gaining mainstream attention due to its wide-ranging capabilities compared to other immunity products like Vitamin C.

This natural, plant-based molecule “modulates” (changes) your immune system by activating every immune system cell in the body: Macrophages, Neutrophils, Basophils, Natural Killer Cells, etc.

Macrophages, specifically, trigger a host of immune functions that allow the body to produce the most complete, effective, and appropriate immune response achievable. The activity of the body's immunocytes (immune cells) determines how well your immune system traps and consumes invaders that do not belong in the body.

When the body is confronted with challenges and threats, beta glucan puts immune cells on “high alert” to confront the attackers.

Simply put, beta glucan is the catalyst that makes our immune system smarter, increasing the strength of our wellness forces. 

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Why Better Way Health Beta Glucan?

Better Way Health's highly purified beta glucan ingredient activates resting immune cells making them smarter, faster, and stronger when confronted with threats and challenges better than anything. Ultimately, this product provides the most effective all-around immune support based on peer-reviewed research. The results speak for themselves!

• 20+ scientific journals published showing safety and efficacy
• Outperforms all other brands of beta glucan (plus Vitamin C) in comparative studies
• Completely Non-GMO and Natural
• No known side effects and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) affirmed by the FDA
• Proven to enhance overall immune function

How to Use Beta Glucan 100

To get the best results from Beta Glucan 100, we recommend taking 2 capsules every day first thing in the morning, then wait 30 minutes before eating. This provides a one-month supply with each bottle.

We Stand Behind Beta Glucan 100!

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Beta Glucan 100

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