Cancer Free (4th Edition) by Bill Henderson

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"Help me save your life, or that of your family member or friend because together we can! I know because I have helped over 8,000 cancer patients do exactly that. They are 'cancer-free' now."
-Bill Henderson

This book educates the reader on how to work with the medical system anywhere in the world, in order to save the lives of those you love. Realize the real CAUSES of CANCER; discover Natural, Non-Toxic Treatments that really work with no side effects. 


Overcome Cancer
"Join the thousands of people who have read my book and are Free of Cancer today as a result. I've explored the cause of their breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, brain cancer, etc. with them. Together we can always determine the cause.
Typical Causes of Cancer include root canal teeth or other dental problems (most cancers), emotional trauma and/or long term stress and poor diets. The thousands who are "cancer-free" include people with all types and stages of cancer, including many "terminal" cancer patients. These people are all over the world, in 86 countries. They tend to come to me and my book as a last resort -- after their cancer doctors have given up on them and assigned them a "survival time." "Get your affairs in order -- you have two months to live."
-Bill Henderson


Trash That "Death Sentence"
"I never give up on anyone with cancer. I've seen too many people recover completely after that "survival time" sentence from their doctors. Can you follow a simple diet and supplement regimen for 6-8 weeks? That's all that my readers have found is necessary to reverse their cancer. My mission is to help you join their ranks as a "long-term cancer survivor." I want you to live out your normal lifespan, not just "survive" for five years with a destroyed quality of life.

I'm not selling anything except my book; substances, clinics, doctors, and other resources I recommend pay me nothing. That's how I keep my readers' faith in my integrity. I'm not a medical professional. However, I've studied cancer and its treatment every day for fourteen (14!) years. The information I give you is exactly "what I would do if I had your cancer." It's not a prescription. You can take it or leave it."
-Bill Henderson 
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The Bill Henderson Cancer Free Book

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