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Beta-1, 3D Glucan modulates the immune system to provide support and balance, making your immune cells smarter and more ready than ever before. It is unlike other immune system supplements that simply over stimulate or alter the immune response in unnatural ways. Over 50 years of research from prestigious, world-renowned universities like Tulane, Harvard, and Louisville; document the benefits of Beta-1, 3D Glucan.
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Transfer Point is the only company that offers a Beta Glucan with a minimum of 85% Beta-1, 3D Glucan content, with no harmful contaminants. Every batch is independently tested for potency and quality; a Certificate of Analysis is available upon request. Research proves that purity matters when it comes to biological activity. No other Immune System Supplement rivals the effectiveness that makes Transfer Point's Beta-1, 3D Glucan the respected name in immune support


Black Friday Special
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