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Not all Turmeric Products are created equal.

In Today’s Market, you will find dozens of Curcumin Products to choose from. When selecting the right one for you and your family; the most important steps are to consider the Source and Purity of The Ingredients

Bosmeric-SR FAQ

 For more information about beta glucan, Better Way Health and more, visit our FAQ page. To speak to an Amazing Customer Experience Specialist, give us a call at 800.746.7640 or email us at support@betterwayhealth.com 

Our Bosmeric-SR is manufactured in Utah, USA.

Our Bosmeric-SR has a 3-year shelf life.

Bosmeric-SR should be stored at room temperature, in a cool dry place. Preferably in a medicine cabinet or pantry. However, it is perfectly fine to store them in the freezer or refrigerator.

If Bosmeric-SR is traveling through extreme temperatures, the quality/potency will not be degraded in any way, according to the manufacturer.

Our Bosmeric-SR does not contain nor is it manufactured with yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, or shellfish ingredients. However, it is produced in a GMP facility that processes other ingredients containing these allergens.

Bosmeric-SR does contain a trace amount of Non-GMO corn starch, as an excipient.

If you are pregnant or nursing, we recommend consulting with your health care professional before use, as a precautionary measure.

Bosmeric-SR uses a complex manufacturing process that is not used in the supplement industry, but used in the pharmaceutical industry – this is the unique process of making ingredients bi-layered. Rather than having tablets or capsules which takes about 45 minutes to dissolve in the stomach, Bosmeric-SR’s water and lipid soluble patented ingredients provide an immediate onset within 20 minutes. Thus, providing a “fast-acting” response. It is then bi-layered and sustained released so those ingredients are slowly delivered in the body over 8 hours, providing a “long-lasting” effect.

When Curcumin C3 Complex is used by itself in a tablet or capsule, although it has health benefits, it will have very little absorption in the blood (see Red Line on graph below). When combining Curcumin C3 Complex with the patented Bioperine (95% piperine from black pepper extract), it will assist in the absorption and peak in the blood in 1 hour and then immediately drop off out of the therapeutic blood range within 1½ hours and continue to drop off completely by 3½ hours. Thus BioPerine does increase Curcumin C3 Complex by 2,000% in the study, which provides improved benefits, but it still lacks duration of efficacy.

Bosmeric-SR uses the Bi-layered Sustained Release caplet, which starts working within 20 minutes of ingestion (fast-acting) and delivers the peak of all of its ingredients (see Purple, Gold, and Green lines) in the concentration range in the blood (within 45 minutes). Most importantly, Bosmeric-SR maintains the concentration in the blood for up to 8 hours. This provides the sustained release and synergistic benefits more than any other product that is made in capsules or tablets. 

Yes. One of the most important distinctions of having the bi-layered caplet is that it maintains 100% of the potency of ingredients in Bosmeric-SR when you take it.  Unlike all other products on the market that come in capsules that have generic turmeric/curcumin and boswellia ingredients along with ginger, bromelin, papain, nattokinase, or any proteolytic enzymes – these ingredients degrade each other as they are mixed together in capsules. Therefore over time, the potency of those products is lowered from the time they leave the manufacturing facility, to the health store shelf and ultimately to your home. Studies show that these ingredients in capsules decrease in potency up to 60% by the time you take those products. With Bosmeric-SR, 100% of the potency of ingredients are maintained when you take it – guaranteed.

*Information provided by Bosmeric-SR formulator, Dr. Sunil Pai

To better reflect our focus as a company and brand, we’re proud to have our newly redesigned bottle. However, nothing has changed with the contents on the inside. This is the exact same Bosmeric-SR product formulated by Dr. Sunil Pai from Sanjevani.

In fact, Dr. Sunil Pai approved and encouraged this co-branded Better Way health + Sanjevani label, as our company is the largest distributor of Bosmeric-SR in the world.

We only use Non-GMO corn starch – certified from the manufacturer of the corn starch. This is an inert ingredient so the product has come in contact with it, but its too small to even measure. See links to these other FAQs below for further information.

Magnesium Stearate is generally recognized as safe to consume. Since it is used as an excipient or inert ingredient, there is not enough to cause any problems. However when it is used as a major filler in many other supplements and medications on the market, if you ingest too much, it can have a mild laxative effect. 

Some people on the internet claim that Magnesium Stearate suppresses your immune T-cell function and causes the cell membrane integrity in your helper T-cells to collapse. However, there is no scientific evidence to support those claims.

These claims have been made based on a single mouse study that was related to stearic acid, NOT magnesium stearate. Mice lack an enzyme in their T-cells that humans have. This makes stearic acid safe for us to ingest.

Some people have also claimed that Magnesium Stearate might interfere with your body’s ability to absorb the contents of medication or supplements tablets and capsules. But again, there is no scientific evidence to support those claims.

Some people report having negative reactions to Magnesium Stearate and feel much better when they eliminate it. These people might have a sensitivity to it.  It is possible to be allergic to Magnesium Stearate like any ingredient (although it would be a rare) and it can be difficult to avoid this food additive since its in many packaged and processed foods whether listed or not.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Magnesium Stearate for use as an additive in food and supplements.

According to the Nation Center for Biotechnology Information, it is considered safe for consumption at amounts below 2,500 milligrams (mg) per kilogram per day. That means for a 150-pound adult, that equals 170,000 mg per day that can be consumed (about 1/3 of a pound). Since there are less than a trace amount in Bosmeric-SR, that can not be measured, (again being an excipient or inert ingredient), it is very safe to consume without concern and does not have enough to cause negative side effects.

Remember, don’t take everything you read on the internet as truth. If you have concerns about an additive or supplement that you’re thinking about taking, do your research first. If there are no research studies to back up claims made online, they’re likely false. If in doubt, talk to your doctor.

*Information provided by Bosmeric-SR formulator, Dr. Sunil Pai

Magnesium Stearate is a fine white power that sticks to your skin and is greasy to the touch. It is a simple salt made up of two substances, a saturated fat called stearic acid and the mineral magnesium. Stearic acid can also be found in many foods, such as: chicken, eggs, cheese, chocolate, walnuts, salmon, cotton seed oil, palm oil, coconut oil. However the Magnesium Stearate in Bosmeric-SR is plant based.

Magnesium Stearate is commonly added to many foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. In medications and vitamins, its primary purpose is to act as a lubricant. Magnesium Stearate is an additive that’s primarily used in medication capsules. It is considered a “flow agent.” It prevents the individual ingredients in a tablet or capsule from sticking to each other and the machine that creates the tablets and capsules. It helps improve the consistency and quality control of medication tablet and capsules.

It is possible to create supplements tablet and capsules without Magnesium Stearate, but it is more difficult to guarantee the consistency and quality of those tablets. Magnesium Stearate is used to delay breakdown and absorption of medications, so they’re absorbed in the correct area of the bowel. 

*Information provided by Bosmeric-SR formulator, Dr. Sunil Pai

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