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Not all Beta Glucan is created equal.

In Today’s Market, you will find dozens of Beta Glucan Products to choose from. When selecting the right Glucan for you and your family; the most important steps are to consider the Source and Purity of Your Beta-1, 3D Glucan

Beta Glucan 100 Plus FAQ

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Our Beta Glucan 100 Plus is made in Wisconsin, USA and bottled / encapsulated in Oregon, USA.

Our Beta Glucan 100 Plus has a 3-year shelf life.

Our Resveratrol in Beta Glucan 100 Plus comes from Japanese Knotweed (Polgonum cuspidatum) from Japan. This form of trans-resveratrol was shown to be the safest and most effective when tested. It is completely Non-GMO and natural.

Our high quality Vitamin C is from ascorbic acid, which was found to be most effective when tested alongside other sources in conjunction with beta glucan. Many companies source cheap, low grade Vitamin C from China, which is unregulated and safety standards are extremely low. Our Vitamin C is sourced from Europe.

Currently, there are no manufacturers of Vitamin C in the United States.

The short answer is no. Beta Glucan 100 Plus is extremely safe in the specific amounts that were added to this product. When taking the Suggested Use, it is very safe even with other drugs, medications, supplements, etc.

In situations where surgery or an operation is necessary, it is best not to take high doses of Beta Glucan 100 Plus, due to some ingredients having blood thinning properties. However, the Suggested Use dose is still extremely safe in this scenario.

Please consult with your medical professional if you have any additional concerns.

Beta Glucan 100 Plus begins to work immediately after swallowing, but it generally takes about 3 days before the product primes immune cells and reaches peak efficacy. You'll then want to continue taking the recommended dosage each day to maintain the extra immune support provided by Beta Glucan 100 Plus. As long as you take the product, you will continue to reap the benefits for your immune system. However, once you stop taking it, the immune system will return to it's former level of immune response.

We highly recommend following the Suggested Use dosage listed on the bottle, which is 2 capsules once per day on an empty stomach, then wait 30 minutes before eating. However, it is safe to double the dose if you need a higher immune response.

Beta Glucan 100 Plus is largely organic and completely Non-GMO. However, selenium, is actually an inorganic mineral. All minerals are considered inorganic. For example, calcium, iron, etc. are other minerals that fall into this same category as selenium.

The source of Selenium in Beta Glucan 100 Plus is sodium selenite, which is proven to be the safest and most effective source in conjunction with Beta Glucan and the other ingredients in this product. It is sourced from Europe.

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