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Causes of Cancer

Are we nearing a tipping point in our struggle against cancer?

  • United Press International estimates that 41% of Americans will have cancer in their lifetimes and 21% will die from it.
  • The American Cancer Society reports that 12 million Americans have had at least one form of this debilitating disease.
  • The ratio of cancer in men is 1:2, and for women 1:3.
  • Smokers are 10 times more likely to get lung cancer than non-smokers.

At present, traditional methods of treating cancer include surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. At the same time, research is being conducted in non-traditional and holistic protocols; this discussion will examine several of such treatments.

Foremost, however, it is important to know about cancer cells; unlike other cells that have a specified function in the body, cancer cells just eat, excrete, and reproduce at a rapid rate. One characteristic setting them apart from the rest is that they do not need much oxygen to multiply. Regular cells become cancerous as a means of survival. Instead of being specialized brain, heart, liver, or skin cells; nature forces them into a lower level of functionality rather than dying. This gives us the first commandment in cancer prevention: the cells of the body must be kept oxygenated so that they can perform their specialized functions.

One cancer protocol involves the use of hydrogen peroxide; H2O2 contains an extra molecule of oxygen. The hydrogen peroxide used to clean infections is not suitable to be taken orally. A special form, termed “Food Grade,” is processed for such humane practices. This protocol involves placing several drops in a glass of water and drinking it each day; theoretically, the extra oxygen should keep the cells properly oxygenated.

The next culprit in the battle against cancer is diet. The foods we eat can either encourage cancer cells to reproduce or maintain our overall health. Cancer cells thrive in Sugar; if you cut out sugar, you deprive them of their food supply. Milk is another dietetic that can feed cancer cells. Milk produces mucus and cancer cells dwell in mucus; cutting out milk is another great defensive measure

Cancer Diet

Now we move in depth into diet. Japanese scientist, Herman Aihara, has studied the foods we eat and whether or not they cause the blood to become acidic or alkaline, the scale used is called pH level and it is measured from 1 to 14. Aihara’s theory is that cancer cells are acidic and to prevent such growth, we must keep the blood alkaline. Aihara’s research shows that meat, fish and poultry produce acid in the blood, while fruits and vegetables yield alkaline levels. It is recommended that 70% of your diet be alkaline and 30% acid.

This research has led to foods high in alkaline content such as some Japanese seaweeds, ginger and baking soda being used in alternative practices. One protocol is to place a pinch of baking soda in a glass of water each day for drinking. Some holistic practitioners use baking soda to treat cancer by injecting it directly into the malignancy.

Not only does meat, fish and poultry create acid in the blood, the high protein content requires added enzymes in order to be fully digested. Often, undigested food particles remain in the intestines and create toxins which are provoke the growth of more cancerous matter.

Less obvious is the need for proper dentistry; cavities create harmful bacteria and toxins that enter the blood stream, most directly in the mouth and throat areas. These cells can quickly become cancerous.

Stress is that invisible energy that depletes the immune system. When this happens, the body has little resistance to combat the onslaught of cancer cells. The body quickly loses energy and vigor giving said affliction free rein to spread throughout the body.

About the author

Dr. Chris Perkins

With over 15 years of experience seeing hundreds of patients each week, Dr. Christopher Perkins, D.C. has learned that there is not one method that always works best for every person. Because of this, Dr. Chris recommends a variety of spinal techniques, nutrition, and supplementation to help others reach their fullest potential in health.

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