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Beta Glucan Type Comparisons

How Does Your Beta Glucan Compare to the Competition?


Those inclined to purchase Beta Glucan every month, generally, do not have the luxury of gambling with their lives. We recognize that our customers need this supplement and its immune modulating effects; therefore, we feel it is necessary to educate our people when other companies come along claiming to sell the same product for less.

Recently, Green Supreme introduced their new Beta-1, 3D Glucan; misleading customers, they claim to have the EXACT same product. Now this in nothing new, many companies have emerged in the past claiming to have the same or similar product as Transfer Point. These companies are eventually exposed and disappear after customers realize they are not receiving the same expected quality.

In order to avoid inferior products now and in the future, READ THE LABEL. If the product is not made using Glucan 300 then it is not the same as, or even similar to Transfer Point. By Glucan 300, we are referring to the active ingredient in Transfer Point’s formulation; this proprietary ingredient outperforms the nearest competitor 16 to 1. In essence, one would have to consume 16 capsules of Wellmune WGP, Green Supreme’s active ingredient, to reach the same level of effectiveness as 1 capsule of Glucan 300. Even the highest dose of Green Supreme does not compare to the lowest dose of Glucan 300*.

For further reference, a recent publishing from the University of Louisville compares the top name brands in Beta Glucan. This study by Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, author of “Beta Glucan: Nature’s Secret,” exemplifies the incomparable effects of Glucan 300 on Immune Response*.

Your immune system’s baseline response is typically around 30%. The supplied chart lists multiple Beta Glucan manufacturers and how their product affects innate, baseline immune response. For example, an 800mg dose of Green Supreme’s byproduct (Wellmune WGP) yields an immune response level of 45.9%. Comparably, the same dosage of Glucan 300 would generate a response of 60.9%**.

This is precisely the reason why Bill Henderson, in his June newsletter, sent his readers an update comparing the two Beta Glucans mentioned above; he stated that Green Supreme’s formulation was found, “Quite Inferior.”

Our company, along with Bill Henderson, would like you to receive the best product for the best immune system possible. Get more for your money and more for your health; choose Transfer Point because you know it is better.

“Consistently the Most Active Glucan” - Journal of Medicinal Foods

 Transfer Point Beta Glucan Comparison Chart

*The four products bolded, one of which is Glucan 300, are all manufactured by Biothera, Inc. Just because they are made by the same company, does not make them equal. For example,

Gasoline Companies supply three different octanes, 87, 89, 93; Different Prices, Different Quality.

You Get What You Pay For.

Transfer Point Effectiveness Chart

**The University of Louisville’s extensive study shows the percent of effectiveness Beta Glucan has on Immune Response. Notice, no other company compares to Transfer Point’s Glucan 300.

Transfer Point Beta Glucan Quality and Potency

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