Reggie Black

Reggie Black

Reggie Black is a Co-Owner of Better Way Health and the Cancer Data Foundation. A seasoned Entrepreneur, his career spans Over 20 Years in various sectors of Wellness and Technology. Having served thousands of people worldwide, Reggie has attained a unique level of business expertise that specializes in a first-class customer experience. Reggie is committed to teaching and inspiring others in their pursuit of abundant life; he consistently shares his insight across a variety of platforms, from natural health summits to executive seminars.

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What is Micronized Beta Glucan?

Find out the truth about Micronized Beta Glucan. In the past 13 years, there have been many false statements regarding Beta Glucan. Arm yourself with the truth.


Testing the Effectiveness of Beta Glucan Products: Insights from 9 Scientific Studies

9 different studies prove Better Way Health's Glucan 500 product is the best Beta Glucan available. Follow the science behind our Beta Glucan products.

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