The Bill Henderson Protocol

The Bill Henderson Protocol is a stage four (also termed “stage IV”) alternative treatment for patients with an advanced diagnosis. Bill Henderson claims that Sickness is easy to overcome…. he will even show you how. The Bill Henderson Protocol is one of the most inexpensive alternative treatments available for advanced patients at this point in time. It is a “gentle” treatment. This means that it makes an effort not to be as strenuous on the fragile immune system and body of the patients undergoing this alternative treatment.

Bill Henderson says he can buy time

It is designed in one aspect to “buy time” for the practitioner of this protocol. This means that if the patient were to simply use only this aspect of the treatment protocol, the patient would survive longer that they otherwise would have been capable of. This life extension aspect of the Bill Henderson protocol is integral to the other “gentle treatment” aspect mentioned in the lines above. The “buying time” aspect meets with the “gentle treatment” aspect by reducing the level of urgency for treatment and allowing the body to more slowly and less violently kill off the disease. The results of this less extreme, slower paced attack on the body can be seen in lessening of some symptoms that cause discomfort. One active part of the treatment that unlocks and enables these processes is the specifically designed diet. For the treatment to be effective, this diet needs to be followed with a great deal of zeal. Even deviating in the slightest can drastically reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. One goal of this diet is to increase the alkaline levels inside of the body of the patient. The presence of microbes is very important to the survival. The high alkaline levels create an environment that microbes struggle to survive in. As the alkaline levels kill off and prevent the creation of new microbes, the disease dies off for lack of microbes. This protocol utilizes some of the guidelines from the Budwig Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese protocol. This treatment repairs damage done to cells and helps to protect the healthy cells while the body attacks those harmful unwelcome cells.

When Mother Nature provides the medicine...

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