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How Does Beta Glucan Work?

Beta Glucan, How it Works

Beta Glucan is a simple sugar that is produced in the cell walls of certain plants such as mushrooms, yeast, barley and oats. After many years of university research, this substance has been found to be the most powerful immune system booster known to science. The active ingredient of this substance is Beta-1, 3D Glucan, which contains the actual receptors that make it so powerful. Because of its effectiveness at strengthening the immune system, it has been being used by doctors as part of their treatment regime for fighting illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome. Transfer Point, a company known for its high grade products has now made this beneficial substance into a supplement form so consumers can also take advantage of its many health benefits.

Beta-1, 3D Glucan; a Transfer Point Supplement

Beta Glucan alters the immune system by stimulating the white blood cells. These immune system cells contain receptors that take hold of the Beta-1, 3D Glucan and lock them into place. This causes more immune cells to be produced while increasing their activity in boosting resistance. Studies have shown that once the white blood cells become activated by this substance they can recognize and destroy harmful cells, speed up the healing process of damaged tissue, cleanup cell debris due to oxidative damage and help activate more components within the immune system. The purity of the substance is especially important to obtain the powerful benefits this simple sugar has to offer. Transfer Point is the only company that makes this supplement using a minimum of 85 % active glucan content. When taken orally, the substance is slowly released through the digestive system, making its way into the immune organs such as bone marrow and the spleen.

Beta Glucan’s Health Benefits

Beta Glucan works to boost the immune system making it very beneficial in helping to prevent colds, the flu, ear infections and the effects of aging. It can also be taken to lower cholesterol or it can even be applied to the skin to help treat wrinkles, wounds, burns or other skin problems such as dermatitis. In hospitals, doctors sometimes administer this medicinal substance by injection or intravenously to help boost patient’s immune systems who suffer from harmful diseases. It is also used as an infection preventative following surgery. Evidence also suggests that this powerful immune system booster can help with autoimmune diseases and allergies. Transfer Point Beta-1, 3D Glucan has been extensively evaluated and verified by numerous major university research studies as well as government agencies in its effectiveness for enhancing the immune system, destroying harmful cells, protecting cells from radiation and infections including viral, fungal and bacterial.

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With over 15 years of experience seeing hundreds of patients each week, Dr. Christopher Perkins, D.C. has learned that there is not one method that always works best for every person. Because of this, Dr. Chris recommends a variety of spinal techniques, nutrition, and supplementation to help others reach their fullest potential in health.

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